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Bulletins on a Love Affair with a Man From Mars


Bulletins on a Love Affair with a Man from Mars tells the story of the love affair between Nina Belinsky, a Florida social worker and single mother, and Robert Santiago, an artist who may or may not be a visitor from the planet Mars. The story of Nina and Robert's affair is interspersed with sections called "Documents on a Journey," which chronicle their individual journeys towards each other.

Nina Belinsky first sees Robert Santiago at a university event as he sits alone in the balcony of a theater; he appears completely detached. She is mesmerized. In the next couple of weeks, while her current relationship with an older man draws to a close, Nina finds herself encountering Robert at various events around town. Thus drawn together, they begin a passionate relationship, which has its foundation in their commitment to ideas and to taking action, whenever possible, to improve the world around them. Both Nina and Robert have difficulty working in conventional settings and the extremes of Robert's personality cause Nina to suspect that perhaps he truly is an alien.

The "Documents" sections reveal the histories of the two main characters, including the death of Nina's parents, as they fly to Europe on an errand for United Jewish Appeal, and the mental breakdown of Robert's mother after she burns a copy of Little Black Sambo on the steps of the Detroit public library.

The novel builds to an unusual climax as Nina and Robert attempt to deal with the extraordinary complexities of their relationship.




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